Solution to WiFi drop-out on Windows 10 PC

  • by Michael Kearney

At some point (not sure what the trigger was), my PC started to drop its WiFi connection. This would happen several times a day and was very frustrating!

Right clicking on the wireless icon in the task bar (bottom right) and hitting Troubleshoot would temporarily fix it most of the time. Sometimes, I had to go into the device manager (windows key + x) and disable and re-enable the wireless network adapter to get it going again.

In the meantime, I kept trying to find a permanent fix.  In the Router (Sagemcom), I switched the wireless band from N to G, amongst other things. I changed the DNS server settings from automatic to and I messed around with Firewalls and other security settings and a ton more things that I've forgotten at this stage.

Nothing worked.

Finally, I went into my router logs ( (Modem Config>Maintenance>Logs) and saw this recurring error; "DNS name resolution failure ("

The solution is to delete this program.  You can do this without fear because Intel doesn't support the IntelSA function anymore (Control Panel>Programs and Features> program and uninstall.
WiFi dropping out problem fixed.  Nervous breakdown averted :-)​

If you found this post as a result of a search on this problem, I hope this helps. If you just read the post for no reason whatsoever - WTF! ;-)

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