Is your website little more than a glorified business card?

Ask yourself three questions;

  1. Is your website really contributing to your bottom line?
  2. Is it reflecting the image you want your clients to see or is it dated and stale?
  3. Is it fully integrated with your social media strategy (you do have one right?)?

If the answer to any of these is no, then you should probably do something about it.

I will be delighted to build you fabulous new website at a reasonable price but I will also challenge you as to why you want it, what you want it to achieve and how you are going to go about making that happen.  Without a plan a plan for making your new site work for you, you’ll soon be frustrated and wondering why you bothered!  It’s a bit like deciding to buy a shiny new BMW without knowing how to drive it.

Do you even need a website?

A good website is a start but that’s all it is!  Some would argue that outside of an e-commerce site, you don’t even need a website these days with so many other options such as a Facebook page, Google+, Blogger, Tumbler, and many other platforms. There is some truth in that but there are still many reasons a business still needs a website and one reason towers above them all – to get found on Google and other search engines.

Why you must be Social

‘Search’ might still be king but people are spending more time on Facebook than any other web space, by a large margin. So, you need to be there,  no matter what industry you are in.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.  Depending on your business, it may be appropriate for you to have a Youtube channel (great for search engine optimisation – SEO), Twitter (really good for media), Linkedin (super for business to business), Pinterest (great for visual businesses) and Google+ (Google will favour you in their search engine if you have one of their accounts).

The single most important thing that almost nobody is doing!

You go to great lengths, or at least you should, to drive customers to your website and social media places but if you are doing nothing to capture their contact information, specifically their email, you will generally have no way of opening a one to one dialogue with them and maintaining a long term communication.  Let’s say your SEO is spot on or perhaps you’re running an Adwords advertising campaign and visitors are flocking to your site.  That’s great but the likelihood is that after a little look around they’ll be off, never to be seen again.  What a waste!  It has cost you time and money to get them there but they are gone before you even knew they were there.  You simply have to do something to make them stick.  Savvy online marketers will tell you time and time again, “the money is in the list”. All your online outlets should be focused on this one activity. Offer visitors to your site something they want in return for a simple name and email sign-up. If you are an architect for example, an ebook entitled, How To Avoid the 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Building a House” would be a compelling offer for a would be house builder.  Think of what you could provide for free to your visitors that would compel them to give you their name and email. It could be an ebook, it could be an instructional video, it could be a voucher or a product. Anything really, as long as it provides a compelling reason for people to give you their email.

Of course the real work in all of this is the follow-up, which is forever (or until they unsubscribe).  Regular, interesting, useful information that people will want to open is what’s called for.  This does take effort but it’s worth it! It’s pretty much what it’s all about!

Pull it all together

I can re-design your logo. I can build you a beautiful practical website that you can easily update yourself.  I can have you looking coordinated and professional across all your social spaces and get them talking to each other.  And, I can organise your list building and email marketing strategy.

These days the secret to success online is to get all the individual parts working in concert and all pointed towards a common goal which is to make your business profitable.  That’s what I do.

Take the decision to make your website and online presence more than a glorified business card and get the internet really working for you.  Call me for a chat; here’s my mobile 086 170 5474.