Logo design Limerick Architect

Absolute House Plans

Ian Daniels is the principal at Absolute House Plans and when he asked me if I could bring his website up to date with a redesign I said no problem but as usual, I said what’s the point?  We all need a website but if it’s going to add to your bottom line and make

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corporate identity and web design for national franchise business

Kids Party Club

KPC are a national children’s entertainment franchise. Their HQ is in Shannon and they have 16 Franchisees across Ireland and one in Scotland. I created their corporate identity including the Logo. I developed their web and blog sites and continue to manage them.  The site is fully search engine optimised (SEO) and ranks at the

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logo design for OFP

Optimal Functional Performance

OFP is a leading edge sports injury and high performance training centre in Limerick.  The guys there needed a website that reflected their professionalism and expertise.  Before I could do that with a website, I needed to redesign their logo and overall identity to something more modern and dynamic.  I built the site and reflected

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social media management for politician Sen. Tony Mulcahy

Senator Tony Mulcahy

Senator Mulcahy is a former councillor and Mayor of Clare.  During the 2011 election he ran for office and was narrowly pipped for the fourth seat in his constituency.  He was subsequently elected to the Senate in the Oireachtas.  Senator Mulcahy effectively doubled his vote in the general election from his previous campaign and he

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One Wedding Centre

One Wedding Centre is blog and social media hub for the wedding business community. Wedding suppliers simply join  the website for free.  Make a post as often as they want and it is automatically shared to One Wedding Centre’s social media sites, which I also built.  Their Facebook page has almost 3000 likes.

affordable web video


This is a project of mine with the objective of bringing fast, easy and cheap pro video to small businesses. I designed the logo and website (still in progress). This is a Joomla based site (I prefer working with the WordPress platform).

logo and web design for Limerick company Rockforest


Rockforest is a new company building outdoor fitness trails for public spaces such as forests, parks, schools etc. I designed their logo (I have included some progression sheets in the images here) and a simple site, which is far from finished.



Most sound and lighting type companies have pretty boring unmemorable names. You know the type of thing – someone’s initials with a Ltd after it or a town name with sound and lighting tagged onto it.  Why not try and stand out from the crowd.  That is the general idea after all!  So I pitched

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House Design Logo

This a logo/corporate identity for an architectural business  specialising in house design. It’s ready to go and yours for just €299.00

cheap fast website and logo design

Shannon Hot Desks

Flexible office accommodation. Logo and simple cheap website design.

logo design

ABC Graphics

This is a design for a signage and printing company that wasn’t ultimately used (name changed here obviously!). Ready to go for anyone in the printing, signage, graphics business! Yours for just €299.00

Logo design for nightclub

The iClub

Logo design for a Nightclub (now sadly closed). Not the logo’s fault though!  It’s my property and available to you for just €299.00