Help! Marketing Guy Stuck on Marketing Problem!

So why the trawler? Read to the end and you’ll see!

I’m building myself this shiny new website but the irony is, I’m finding it really difficult!

It’s not the physical or even creative side of it that’s a problem.  It isn’t even the strategic side of it.  I know what I want to offer and what my USP is.  My problem is articulating my message in a super simple and memorable manner.

I think I’m paralysed because I want to absolutely nail it and I’m putting off giving it a good go through fear of failure.  Well, that and the fact that I’m so busy, doing stuff for myself seems like I’m wasting time !

Even writing this post, I think I’m trying to trick myself into getting something down on paper!

So, what do I want to say?  I suppose what I’m trying to get across to people is the fact that a website is all very well but it’s not enough and certainly not enough the way most businesses use them.  People have got to expect more from their online efforts.

When a potential client asks me if I can build them a beautiful and functional website, instead of just shutting up and getting on with it, I’ll say something like; “sure I can but why?”  And then we’re off! They might say; “because my old site is looking dated and I can’t update it myself and I want to be able to.”"  Well that’s no problem but then we’ll have the conversation about how it needs to tie in with social media.  Clients generally see the sense in doing that and will often be already doing something in this regard. So, the client can now see a beautiful new website on the horizon, properly integrated with social media and is happy to proceed. But of course I can’t leave it at that and I say something like; “so you are about to have a great new site and social places and we’ll drive traffic to the site with good SEO and we’ll build your social following with competitions or whatever but how are you going to make sure that you can maintain an ongoing conversation and build a relationship with these visitors?”

The sad fact is, most visitors who come across you online will be there and gone and you won’t even know it.  You’ve spent time and money driving people to your site,  so you need to make them stick. You need to give them a compelling reason to part with their email address. You need to offer them something they want in exchange for it. A free ebook, a voucher, a free tutorial or whatever.  Once you have their email address you can now communicate with them forever or at least until they unsubscibe. But they won’t unsubscribe  if what you send is interesting, useful, funny, money saving or basically something they want!  Now you can build a relationship (hopefully profitable) with your customers and your online efforts will actually be contributing to your bottom line.  It’s no longer just an online brochure and glorified business card.

So, that was a bit of a ramble! But has it helped me distil my thoughts. Maybe!  How about this?

  • With the internet you have been given access to an ocean full of customers.
  • Websites and social media sites are the equivalent of being given a state of the art trawler with which to fish for customers
  • If you are using your site as little more than an online brochure or glorified business card you are actually just standing at the back of your trawler using a fishing pole!
  • It doesn’t make sense when all you need to do to harness the full potential of the trawler is apply a little know how. And that’s what I’m for!

Hmmm, I’ll live with that for a bit and see if it works.  Watch out for a trawler illustration if the analogy survives a few sleeps!





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